Breva Cycling tells the story of two friends who share a passion for sports and an flair for experimentation with textile materials which is communicated on a daily basis in our own companies, both of which are historical institutions within the industrial district of Como.

Driven by a passion for open air sport within our beautiful lakeside landscape, we have designed and produced unique, innovative materials in our factories, experimenting with new techniques and fibres, monitoring every stage of production with the utmost care, and combining experience in the technological textile industry with the silk craftsmanship of the Como area.

Everything has emanated from this place, from shared bike rides and many conversations, to our mutual commitment in the development of fabrics and garments. We are doing something unique, an expression of how we interpret cycling; from a special trip immersed in the beautiful landscape of Lake Como, listening to our heartbeat, perched between two wheels with our gaze always on the road and yet always beyond, we pass through the hills, under thick trees penetrated by a few shafts of light which then thin out, revealing magnificent openings in the surrounding mountains.

It is here that Breva is put to the test. On the roads around our lake, the epic backdrop of the Tour of Lombardy; on the legendary ascents of the Ghisallo or the Colma di Sormano. We wear the garments whilst training for the next race and try them out in all weather conditions to make sure that we have created a perfect product, the most authentic expression of what cycling is for us.