Setatech patent pending from Breva Cycling, is the first silk protective fabric specifically designed by Breva for people who cycle and combines the benefits of nylon 6.6 fibre with those of the oldest fibre in the world: silk.

Thanks to silk, we made Setatech, a windproof and water-repellent jacket designed for cyclists, for when after the climb, the wind cools the sweat revealing the unpleasant feeling of synthetic windproof materials on contact with the body.

Silk provides a pleasant feeling, because it is a natural fibre made from the same biomolecules which make up our skin. Very light, it dries very quickly giving the athlete a renewed sense of maximum comfort.

Hence Setatech is born out of this alchemy of matter, this union between silk, millennial fibre with unsurpassed functional characteristics and the latest technological materials.