breva cycling abbigliamento ciclismo

Breva  Cycling – authentic expression cycling clothing

Breva Cycling tells the story of two friends who have in common a strong passion for sport and an aptitude for experimentation on textile materials that they express in their companies, historical realities in the industrial district of Como.

Guided by the passion for open-air sports in the beautiful landscapes of the lake, we have designed and produced in our factories innovative high quality materials, experimenting with new techniques and fibers, following all the production phases with the utmost care, combining experience in the sector technological fabrics to the silk vocation of the Como area.

Everything stems from here, from a bike ride and from many chats, from the mutual commitment in the development of fabrics and garments. To do something unique that is an expression of how we interpret cycling; a special journey immersed in the beautiful landscapes of Lake Como listening to our heart that beats between the two wheels with our gaze always on the road and always beyond, on the hills that we cross, on the thick trees that let some light leak and then thin out discovering magnificent openings in the surrounding mountains.

This is where we test Breva. On the roads of our lake, epic scenery of the Giro di Lombardia, on the mythical climbs of Ghisallo or Colma di Sormano, while we train for the next race we wear the clothes, we try them on in all climatic conditions to be sure we have made a product perfect that it is a more authentic expression of what cycling is for us.

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