Flexi Woven elastic fabrics are produced with woven technology, a production process based on the interweaving of two orders of threads perpendicular to each other.
It is an innovative textile technique that allows you to create high quality technical materials capable of guaranteeing unique and constant performance over time: reactivity of materials, compressive capacity and surprising lightness.
The technology used for woven fabrics is currently little used in cycling, because it is very expensive. Breva is able to offer it thanks to a distribution model that provides for the exclusive sale via the web channel, without the intermediate passage costs of the traditional channel.

Flexi Woven fabrics have a high elasticity. This result is obtained thanks to the high elastomer content, the type of weave and the fine yarns used.
This means that Flexi Woven materials perfectly follow the movements of the body, even during the most agitated phases of pedaling.

Flexi Woven fabrics have excellent compression performances. In fact, they reduce the muscle vibrations responsible for fatigue and this allows to increase the precision and efficiency of the athletic gesture, offering a quick recovery of physical fitness.

Flexi Woven fabrics guarantee quick drying, as extremely thin.


Breva Cycling uses only materials printed with digital technology.
The materials used by Breva Cycling are printed with a digital inkjet printing technique, it is a technology widely used for the printing of Como silk, the territory from which the Breva project has its origins.
This technology has slower production times than the classic transfer printing but offers high levels of quality in terms of color rendering and definition of the print.
Furthermore, between the nylon fabric and the acid dye used there is a chemical bond which avoids the flow of the dye on the elastic part of the fiber and consequently does not give rise to smudging on the profiles of the print.

Superior print quality.
Digital printing ensures superior color rendering and unsurpassed print definition.

No burr.
Digital printing allows a chemical bond between the fibers and the dyes, with an exceptional color fastness.
In sublimation printing, on the other hand, the dyes do not stick to the elastic part of the fiber and sliding on it, they cause a smudging effect of the colors. This becomes extremely visible in the presence of strong color contrasts, for example in the black and white variants.

Excellent performance and aesthetics.
Fabrics printed with digital technology do not undergo the thermal shock of sublimation printing, and can therefore maintain excellent elasticity without sacrificing an unparalleled premium image.